Monday, 18 July 2011


90s Party. Just a summer version of the fall/winter trend 90s Steez. Summer time just brings out the late 80s early 90s in us all, bright colors, cycling caps, oversized kicks, and boxed hair cuts.

                                                           By Prada

Old Country Homage. You know how there are always those scenes in movies where the grandparents are talking about how things were in the old country? The way they lived, the traditions, what they ate, better yet, how well they ate because the food was just so delicioso. With all that  old country imagery a certain style of dress always comes to mind– relaxed fits, linen, colors that are pulled straight from nature– clay browns, deep rose reds, ivy greens, etc. Whether you pay homage with a simple fedora, light summer knits, or triple pleated linen trousers you'll feel like you're in an old hollywood Italian movie in these threads.

Hope you guys like it!!! Thats all about the Men Fashion Trend for this spring/summer 2011!

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