Monday, 18 July 2011

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Well my next post will be different! I will be talking about Britney Spears Outfits for her Femme Fatale Tour!
 Now that everybody is talking about how great it is! Lets see how great the clothes are!

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90s Party. Just a summer version of the fall/winter trend 90s Steez. Summer time just brings out the late 80s early 90s in us all, bright colors, cycling caps, oversized kicks, and boxed hair cuts.

                                                           By Prada

Old Country Homage. You know how there are always those scenes in movies where the grandparents are talking about how things were in the old country? The way they lived, the traditions, what they ate, better yet, how well they ate because the food was just so delicioso. With all that  old country imagery a certain style of dress always comes to mind– relaxed fits, linen, colors that are pulled straight from nature– clay browns, deep rose reds, ivy greens, etc. Whether you pay homage with a simple fedora, light summer knits, or triple pleated linen trousers you'll feel like you're in an old hollywood Italian movie in these threads.

Hope you guys like it!!! Thats all about the Men Fashion Trend for this spring/summer 2011!

Stone Shaker

Stone Shaker

True Blue Anniversary Contest

Well time to take part and see if I win!!
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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Topic for next week: SECONDARY TRENDS

 I will be talking about the secondary trends for men for this Spring/Summer 2011.
 They are :  90s Party Old Country Homage.

  So please stay tune for my new topics, views and advice!

Its The Rule of Mr Kane!

"Compliment the Blue" (mainly with orange).

At first this trend was going to be all about orange and blue, but with further analysis, there just seems to be an overall focus on complimenting blue it general (with red, white, or orange). But  a number of designers complimented their blue with orange– Michael Bastian, Duckie Brown, Perry Ellis, Zegna, Antonio Azzuolo, and more. Love this idea (trend) Blue with orange. Whats your opion? 

                                                         Looks by: Michael Bastian, Perry Ellis, Zegna.

Native Inspiration.

Whether we're talking cowboys and indians or Aztec, Mayan, and Inca civilization being inspired by the natives of North, Central, and South America  is probably my favorite trend of the summer. The fashion elite, both male and female, have made native prints their new plaid. And because of its lack of being in many designers collections (for men) and the sheer fact that many folk just don't know how to coordinate native prints, you won't see everyone walking around in it (which is a bonus). The best way to approach this trend is to keep it simple by focusing on collecting specific native pieces– a vintage Navajo print blazer, an Aztec patterned rucksack, even a bolo tie.


City Refined

It's simple classic urban gentleman type dress, but adapted to the summer sun. Basically being spiffy and immaculately well-groomed wherever you go. Casually wearing well-tailored suits more than the average guy, loafers and oxfords even in casual settings. Double breasted blazers and crew neck shirts, paired with trousers that show a little ankle and shoes that compliment.

 Look from: Michael Bastian 

Summer Black.

Even more consistent than white, designers flooded their Spring Summer 2011 shows with black. Simon Spurr, John Varvatos, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Y-3, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Jeremy Scott and the list goes on. So when you're feeling "New York" or just a little moody!!!   So now you know  "all black everything", black shirt, black shorts, all black everything

I think I'll deem this the easiest Spring/Summer 2011 trend to achieve, since all it calls for is black… all black everything. But of course we want to keep things better than the average over here at The Rule Of Mr Kane so when we rock this trend we prefer to use various shades and textures of black. Example: faded black shirt, rich black chinos,  a black knit sweater, black leather braided belt, and grey/black oxfords.

Fashion Designers featured: Bottega Veneta, Agnes B., Cerruti, Dolce & Gabanna, Dries Van Noten, GStar Raw, Perry Ellis, Rad Hourani. 
So Get the look! It dosen´t need to be a Dolce & Gabanna look, but you also can get it from Zara, Pull&Bear, H&M and loads more!!!!   
Get the Summer Black, its a perfect evinning look!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Insouciant Prep.

 We've been internationally prepping it out for a minute, and now it's just our lifestyle so we can be more relaxed with it. You don't have to be bow-tied, striped socked, oxfords with matching vest and pocket squared-up for every single look. Keep it simple– button down with rolled up sleeves, shorts with a print of some sort, and deck shoes or loafers worn sockless.

(Spanish) Hemos estado preparando a nivel internacional que salir un momento, y ahora es sólo nuestro estilo de vida para que podamos estar más relajado con ella. Usted no tiene que ser con corbata a rayas oxfords de puñetazo, a juego con chaleco y un bolsillo cuadrado para cada mirada única. Keep it simple botón de abajo con mangas arremangadas, pantalón con estampado de algún tipo, y zapatos de plataforma o mocasines sin calcetines.

All clothes by Ruby...

Presenting The Official Men's Spring Summer 2011 Fashion, Trends, & Style Guide.

The world of men's fashion has really matured over these past few years, and the trends certainly reflect that. Baggy to extra-skinny to "fits just right", no accessories to over accessorized to "masculinely accessorized just the right amount", but best of all I feel like we've finally managed to combine the styles of different cultures and decades to create a sort of modern day celebration of men's fashion. And this season's trends continues this celebration…