Friday, 28 October 2011

Outfits/Looks ((recap))

Hello Peeps!
Finally the weekend is here! How great is that.

Well I may say i havent been posting much or doing outfit post also, but I have been very bussy with work and my personal life! Hopefully starting next week all we go back into shape, and I would be able to comment more your Post and visit your Blogs! Sorry for the Silence....

So I decide to do a Outfit/look Post recap, so here you go:

So I hope you like it!
I wish you all a great weekend!
And thanks so much for the support!

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Jackson Kane

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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Mens Fall Trend Part.II (in Detail)

Hello Everyone!
How you all doing? The weekend is coming Finally...
Like i said before on my last post: Mens Fall Guide 2011/2012, I was gonna do a more detail talk about few things we need to know for this fall... 
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Well now Back to the post:

Crew necks: You may or may not have noticed the change, but designers are slowly switching back to the classic crew necks and moving away from the wide scoop necks and trendy v-necks. Of course you can still do a slight V if needed, but a classic crew will suit you, and all your masculinity, best.


Selvedge Denim: Everywhere I go, I find myself getting into "deep" conversations about selvedge denim… people are obsessed, some are a bit too passionate (usually the newbies), but it's understandable. Be sure to invest in atleast one pair of selvedge denim.
I have talked about the Selvedge Denim before on my August post: The Essentialsl

MINI Lesson on Selvedge Denim: "What is Selvedge/Selvage Denim?"Selvedge denim is basically premium denim, its the crème de la crème of the denim family. "Selvedge" describes the way the fabric is produced. The denim is made on a shorter loom, making the time to create them longer. In a pair of selvedge jeans you can actually see where the weaving stops and is finished by the loom… long story short: if you flip a pair of selvedge jeans inside out you can see the production and "self-edged" finish. The quality is higher, the fabric is heavier and more durable, and more thread is used to create them. Some companies mark their jeans on the selvedge with a woven stitch in a certain color. Some even mark the inside selvedge line with their company's name.

What folks love most about selvedge denim is that you can "wear them in" yourself- so no fake wear marks (even though these days some companies will scuff em a bit). Within 6 months of wearing them the jeans will customized to your body… some will argue longer times, many people wear their's for a year without washing to "completely" break them in… honestly the "breaking in" time all depends on how often you wear them.


Classic Boots: Whether it's vintage or workwear inspired, you must have a pair of quality classic boots. Some may go with duck boots, others may opt for chukkas, while the manliest will be keen on rugged utility boots. Choose your favorite brand and style in a color that fits your wardrobe and make it your staple. Or choose several to increase your fall and winter footwear options.


Hint Of Camo: You heard it here first. Just give em a hint of fatigue this fall and winter. Unless you're a solider, we need not see you in all over army fatigue… not yet anyway. Just a hint… a jacket, socks, a bag, whatever you like.


Canvas: Whether you sport a canvas backpack, watch, or jacket… its the chosen material for so many stylish things these days.


Thats all guys, hope all my tips & info is helpfull!
Feel free to give me sugestion or to ask me any questions!

And by the way I wanna thanks The Chic Mode Blog for the Award! Thank you so much!

The weekend is coming and so is Halloween!
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Monday, 24 October 2011

Call The Fashion Police (par.II)

Hello Peeps!
How is the week starting?
I may say that I Hate Mondays!

Well my pic of today is from The London Film Festival 2011!
Let me know what you think??

Yes! is the one and only Madonna! I may say this is my point of view, and I Hate this dress on her! The worst part is that makes her older... That print on that dress aint given much to the dress! For who she is I think she could have gone for a better one! I could see my grandma wear this dress! (sorry for bitchy mouth)
"Hey Madonna next time give a shout out and we go shopping".
What I could found out about the dress: is from:  L´Wren Scott and Madonna said: she makes great dresses! (not this one)

What do you Guys think????

Have a great week!
Best wishes

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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Mens Fall Guide 2011/2012

Hey Peeps!
How you all doing?
I am sorry I have been away, but I have been bussy lately with work, and looking for a new place, I am planning to move to a bigger flat! But anyways lets go back to the post!
So this week I will be talking about few trends for this Fall (now that the fall has arrive, the col dnad rain are here). So Here we go:

All-American Workwear. We’re pulling up bootstraps and going to work. This ain’t for the wannabe’s or pretty boys its for the men that have work to do, have success on the brain and are taking steps to do it…  All-American Workwear is about the work ethic frame of mind in that hardworking American way… so that means all the labels for this look have to say “made in USA”. USA made classic boots and sneakers, khakis, denim, creased pants, monochromatic tones that closely mimic the attire of hardworking Americans- like mechanics, railroad workers, cattle-herders (yea, I said it), etc.


The Schoolyard Kid aka The Prep. Inspired by the Preppy look but with a touch of winter.  He doesn’t mind showing a little ankle in the summer, and in the Fall he knows to stock up on a variety of socks to keep warm (and stylish).


90s Steez. It’s like this, everything cool about the 90s is all we wanna sport from the boxy denim jackets, to the not cool then, but are cool now shirts… we’re even rockin’ the hairstyles—that means the parts, Kid 'n' Play boxes, and Zac Morris haircuts. Color blocking, opposing patterns, cross colors, 90s cartoons gear, did I already mention denim?, shirts tucked in, and most things signature early-mid 90s.
My last Blog:  My 90s (summer)


Plaid and Selvedge. And the plaid goes on… it’s almost a “go premium, or go home” situation these days. Obviously its not That serious, but every gent has to have atleast one pair.


Urbane Wanderer. This guy is a dreamer, he's on a mission to greatness and he's slightly hush about doin' it. He probably carries a rucksack. You probably know his wardrobe– he invests in few articles of clothing… because almost everything he wears is specific, sometimes meticulously chosen: his jacket, his beaten up boots, his signature hat, maybe his scarf. He collects pinbacks, he likes classic vintage things, and really respects those with good style.

So I hope you all like it! So i will do a more detail Post about this trends!
I wish you all a Happy Sunday and a Great Wek coming!


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

4-LEXI: Global Style! Spain

4-LEXI: Global Style! Spain:

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First of all I wanna Thanks the Fantastic 4-Lexi for featuring me at their Blog...
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Once again Thanks so much Girls!

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Monday, 17 October 2011

Call the Fashion Police!

Hey Peeps!
How was the weekend?
Well I will be showing you guys a bad outfit! I big fashion fail from the bigger woman of Fashion Rachel Zoe!
And I want to know what do you think?

I would say this a Bad Snow White outfit! I hate what shes wearing!!
The off-the-shoulder senorita style i dont like it on her! although makes you look skinner but Bad choice! And the dress (well i think is a dress) way to long too much white going one! And the layering neckless i hate it! I think she didnt know which one she would take she took all 3 of them!
I may say Rachel Zoe should dress like she should! ( )
what do you guys think???

Thanks to you all! Have a great week!

The Winner!

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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Aztec Print..

Hello Hello Peeps!
How you all doing??

So this time I wanted to talk about Aztec Prints. I have been a big fan of the Aztec Prints this summer, and whats even better that the Aztec Trends still here for the winter! I love it! This was my first Aztec print T-shirt...

. Celebrities and models are rocking this look on the runways and even wearing them out and about. Aztec prints are a favorite for summer gatherings, day to day look or any other festive event.The bold patterns and colors are not only on seen on dresses and shirts, they are showing up on shoes, bags and Jerseys as well...

Thats all for today hope you Like it!
Big hug to you all!
Sorry for the bad quality of the fotos!