Thursday, 6 October 2011

It was My Birthday.. Party.1.

Hello! Hello!
Well I am back, aftera bussy week and events and back on track..
So this will be my first post of October, so it was my Birthday On the 2º.... I decided to do a Double Party, So I had a Celebration Party on the Saturday and on the Sunday it was My Birthday Party.

So the Theme was Hawaii... It was great coz it was a country house, and it was Perfect for it!

I had a Amazing time, The Saturday party was only for family and close friends!!

Hope you guys like it!
Hope you having a great week!
What do you think about my Outfit? not that tropical looool

Big hugs
And thank you so mucj!!

P.S. I will be posting tomorrow the 2ºParty pics! xoxo


  1. really nice blog, where are u living?
    im from germany

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  2. The cake looks yummy!

  3. Felicidades atrasadas!! , que fiesta más bonita !!

  4. I love so much your blog is to much funny!

    happy 27 years old... happy birthday!

    i´m finalist in Thread Fashion Network 2011-2012 my original idea is Trends1 British i love the old school style! & of course Trends2 Night is other option. Sorry 4 my english... i know my english socks! I can speak very well in my latin- spanish because i´m Argentinian girl and portuguese because i know haha!!!... mmm, italian nothing and english u see... a horror!

    well i follow u now. Do u follow me?!

    kisses from Buenos Aires

    ps. In my blog has got translate!

  5. Olá
    Obrigada pelo comentário
    Boas fotos aqui!! Gosto

    Kiss kiss.*Jo