Wednesday, 21 March 2012

On my way to LONDON!

Hello Everyone!

Hows your week going?

I am wanted to let you all that I will be going to London for 8 days. So I will be away those 8days... If I do have time I will post some of my outfits! so saty tune! I will be leaving today. Cant wait to see my friends and my parents!! This Evening I will be in London Land!  ;-D
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I will leave you here a list of some post to check them out while I am away!

See you all soon!!

Have a Fab Week!



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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Mint Sky

Hello Peeps!
How you all doing?
So this weekend me and my friend Nahiara from Queen Of Fashion blog, decided to get together and do a photoshoot for our blogs! 

So we wanted to do A welcome to spring shoot!

We took few trends and we mixed them together! The Pastel, Flowers and Sheer Shirts!

All pictures taking by me and no photoshop done!

I may say we had a amazing time! The weather wasnt all that, but we still enjoyed taking the shoots" 

Nahiara Outfit: 
Shirt: Vintage || Shorts: Stradivarius || Belt: Stradivarius || Shoes: Stradivarius || Scarf: Inside || Watch: Casio || Bag: Local Shop || accesories: Blanco 

So did you Like the Outift? 

Hope you like it!! 

And Big Thank you to Nahiara from Queen of fashion blog for taking part!

thanks for reading!


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Monday, 19 March 2012

GlossyBox for Men

Hello Peeps!
Good Night! Hows the week starting...
Well, today I GlossyBox for Men has arrived. I wanna thanks GlossyBox for sending me this complementary Box for me!

So like i have talked to you before about the glossybox before on my post today » Here « This is the first Men box in Spain...

The Men box is not like the Woman on every month. The men box is every 3month!

Let me show you what came on the box:

 Ainhoa: Expression Lines Remover! 
High precision pen applicator designed to combat specific way too deep wrinkles and facial lines of expression that accur as a result of the gesture. It came on the full size!

 Rituals: Shower Foam Blue Dragon.
It belongs to the Line Cooling and Ritual Tatsu, based on organic bamboo and vedro. The bamboo softens and soothes the skin and symbolizes the qualities of perseverance, imminity and flexibility. The Shower Foam comes in it reals size.

 Schwarzkoff Professional: Hair and Body Shampoo.
Refreshing deep cleansing and body hair. PH balanced shampoo gently cleansesand invigorates hair and skin at the same time.

Aldem: The Man Moisturizer Thermal Water 24hours Creme.
The Light Textured Cream oil free, Which merges with the skin for hydration and comfortfeeling of instant. Responds to the specific needs of male skin.

 Comodynes: Ab-Sculptor Lotion.
This Treatment for abdominal define the comflict zone, reducing waist inches. Powerful combination of active lipolytic, energizing and firming. This one also came in the Original size!

 So what did you think of the Glossybox for men?
Make sure you also check the Menareuseless box post I did!

Have a Amazing week to you all!!! 

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P.S. Tomorrow Outfit post! I styled my friend and Took some pics!

GlossyBox Women Carnival Box!

Hello Peeps! How you all doing?
How was the Weekend? Ready for another week? 
I will be talking about the Woman Glossybox for Carnival...

 For who doesnt know about Glossybox, is a company that every month will send you Home a Comestic box with all type of product, meeting your status. You will get Upto 5 products on the Box to try!.... 

Students in  cosmetology school would love this.
 This is the February Box, that arrived on March, its the carnival Box this one is the Viking Box.

 So Let me tell you all bout the products  off what I found out, here we go:

 Schwarzkoff Professional: Osis+ Softn´ Straight
Is a softener emulsion relaxer for Natural straight hair, soft and silky. And what it says it works! Great product leaves your hair so soft and silky..

 Delaron: Body shower gel
This gel has a ver silky texture and a very light scented. This shower gel gently cleanses, refreshes and softens the skin.

 L`Oreal Studio Secrets: Make up stick Nº21
The make up L´Oreal Paris Stick covered with a soft texture covers any imperfections on the skin leaving a perfect matte fisnish!

Alden: Facial Moisturizer.
This is a great facial moisturizer 24hours with Thermal Water. The need of hydration in the skin covered by the thermal water that provides the Instant hydration for 24 hours!

Ainhoa: Refreshing Facial Mask.
This Facial Mask cream, with great power purifying, disinfectant, astringent, decongestantand sedative with emollient and balancing effects, for oily skins.

Out of the 5 Products one came in the Original Size!
Before I forget I will be Giving the GlossyBox Soon! So Stay Tune for the Giveaway!

Who has tried this products before? Do you get every month the GlossyBox?
What did you think?

Have a great week!


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P.S.-» I got a Amazing news! my best friend is coming to visit me in April! Cant wait to see her!