Friday, 16 March 2012

Call The Fashion Police (part IX)

Hello peeps!
Another Look for the Fashion Police Posts.........
I wonder what people with design degrees think of the trend.
So, Finaly Friday... Cant wait for the weekend! And next week I have loads to do!... But I will enjoy my weekend first!
Well, todays post is all about the Onesies or All-in-One or OnePiece!! I really dont know what can I say about it. Coz I do like it and dont! So I am on a doubt! And I have seen so many on the streets mostly by Celebs.............

A onesie-waring Una Healy and her dogs enjoying Christmas las year! At home you should be wearing!

 This is Joey from The Only Way is Essex (UK Tv series) I do want them, but I just could go out with it!!! But I want it!   :-$

The only and only Mr Robbie Williams posted that image himself in a pink onesie earlier this year!!! All I can say is that only him!

 Here is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction boy band, wearing his OnePiece through a London Street!

Popstar Rihanna also enjoys wearing the cosy attire, as seen while relaxing this year! But in a way she is doing right! At home or studio!

 Justin Bieber stepped out in an American flag all-in-one this year! Looks big on him, its like he is always holding it!!!

The Coronation Streer (British soap-opera) star Ryan Thomas wearing the same tracksuit as the Louis from One Direction. Who wears it Better????????

So, what did you think? Will you get yourself one? Will you were it to go to the street? or for a Pyjama party?

If you want one buy it here: OnePiece.Com

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Have a Amazing Weekend!!!!!


  1. I wouldn't even wear this at home. :D

  2. I wish the Fashion Police had the power to arrest people for fashion crimes. These outfits hurt my eyes.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. I could never rock this trend! :O

  4. ahahahahahhah simply terrible!!! But they are all wearing it with irony and fun!
    Alessandro -

  5. Nos encanta tu blog. Enorabuena¡¡¡
    Esperamos tu visita
    Mil besos

  6. Omgosh, Louis Tomlinson and Rihanna jaja!!!

    I had not seen, nice post,

  7. Louis looks soooooooooooooo cute