Saturday, 17 March 2012

Loewe Oro Collection!

Hello peeps! Hows the weekend going?
So I wanted to talk about the Loewe Gold Collection advert! That some how people are Hating! Why I still dont know! 

I may say that some how the Campaign is been a Hit! I would guess that the people who created this had online advertising degrees because it was was well done. Coz if Everyone talks about it! and Tweet, Blog, text is somehow a Hit! And a amazing marketing.. Right?
Let me know what you Think I leave you the Video to watch it!

The Video:

  Martín Rivas...
María Rosenfeldt & Víctor Vergara
María Forqué
Lorena Prain.
Helena & Lucía Cuesta.
Carlos Sáes & Sita Abellán.
Andrea Ferrer
Antonio Mingot

So What did you think?

        Here are they Home PageFacebook page and Twitter 


  1. preciosos los bolsos!!!!!
    un abrazo!

  2. pues es lo que bien dices Jackson, han conseguido que se hable de la marca pero desde mi punto de vista el anuncio es un horror. No entiendo las frases inconexas, todos con los bolsos en la cabeza y con looks que poco representan a los jóvenes en general. Entiendo que hayan querido mostrar que la firma también se pueda llevar menos seriamente pero....Han conseguido que se hable aunque sea mal jajajajaja

  3. during the vogue fashion night I went to the loewe shop and the quality of their leather is just so stunning, their bag are so amazing I wish I could own one !


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