Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My September Issue: Layering for the BOYS!

Hey peeps, I said I had something for the boys and here it is:
So I was having a look at J Crew’s seasonal lookbook, and they are filled to the brim with fantastic (if not over the top) examples of layering.
Proper layering is absolutely foundational to a man’s style.  Whether you live in snowy Boston or sunny Miami, whether it’s the peak of summer or the valley of winter, the principles of layering will help you craft the right look for whatever your day brings you.  

Presenting my five golden rules for layering: (The Rule of Mr Kane lol)

Rule 1: Keep the First Layer Slim
Let’s face it: layering can be bulky.  But it doesn’t have to look that way.  How do you add layers without adding bulk?  Keep the first layer slim - in terms of both material and fit.  Your base layer should consist of thin fabrics that fit somewhat snugly; that way, other layers can fit on top without creating layers of bulk.

Rule 2: Mix Up the Length of Your Layers
When you’re layering, each piece on each layer has a purpose.  And for the most part, you want the layers to be visible, as this creates a more visually interesting look.  How do you make sure that each layer is visible?  Vary the length of each layer, so that each layer can be seen.  For example, if you have a tee shirt, a button-down shirt, and a sweater, let the tails of the button-down be seen from underneath the sweater.  And let the tee peek out from under the button-down.

Rule 3: Play with Textures
Women can play with silhouette when layering, but for men, the best bet is to play with texture.  Especially when creating monochromatic or duochromatic looks, a little texture goes a long way.  Pair a chunky knit with a smooth jersey - or a cozy thin knit sweater with a rough corduroy pant.  A little fabric juxtaposition can really make your look.

Rule 4: Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with Color
Even if your wardrobe is dominated by blues, greys, and blacks, you don’t have to limit yourself to these colors.  And the easiest, least risky way to add color to your wardrobe is through layering.  You don’t have to gamble nearly as much on that blood orange sweater when it’s an ensemble player in your look instead of the star.  We love it when a bit of color peeks out from under a jacket lapel - or sweater - or even from between your pant leg and shoe with an arresting pair of socks.

Rule 5: Add an Element of Surprise
No great look is complete without that je ne sais quoi - that element that makes it uniquely you.  Maybe it’s the hint of a purple sweater peeking out from underneath your navy blazer.  Maybe it’s a well-placed handkerchief in your jacket pocket.  Maybe it’s a motorcycle boot that you paired with your trouser pants.  Whatever it is, this element of surprise is what makes your look your own.  

Have a great layering tip?  Share your style in the comments!
Thanks for taking your time reading my Blog!


  1. HOT!
    and layering for us girls too!
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    will be in touch!
    more giveaways coming soon! XO


  2. Great tips! There are very few fashion articles for men out there, I'm actually tempted to try some of these looks I'm sure they'll work well for girls too!
    Thanks for sharing

  3. so nice! very hot men ;) i love the first...not the man, the outfit :)
    wish you a nice day.
    maren anita

  4. Really great looks! So cool, it's so rare to find a guys fashion blog!


  5. Que guapos van a ir los chicos este invierno ;)
    Espero que pronto nos enseñes, looks pero para chicas :)

  6. Love the outfits!! Marvellous!! ;)
    Thank you for your comment in FiNa&SaLaDa.

  7. genial post, la verdad es que los chicos tamiben teneis prendas con las que vestir ehh, no os quejareis! :P


  8. Me ha encantado el Maxi BAg!

    De quien es?

    Besos Chipless by Dave Vuitton
    "It bags" en

  9. What a great post. I wish more men would follow these rules instead of just throwing anything on!

  10. me han gustado mucho la verdad esque los pantalones dockers si son de esa marca dan mucho juego, ya tienes un seguidor mas espero que visites mi blog y que me sigas, muchos picoss!!!

  11. Fantastic tips! I'm e-mailing my boyfriend a link to this post. He could learn a thing or two from you! ;)

  12. Me ha encantado el post!! Los looks que propones son perfectos! :)
    Un besazo enorme!

  13. fantastic advice!

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  15. I know you are talking about layer in this post, but I can't resist the maxi bag in the 2nd pic! ;))) Sooo cool day bag!


  16. Me ha fascinado la maxi-bolsa, la quiero para mí¡¡¡


  17. Great post +followed

  18. Awesome post!! loving ur edge!

  19. Ohhh me encantan los looks que has selccionado!!


  20. Great inspiration! And I'm totally IN for your rules ;-)
    xoxo - ron

  21. Hot looks! Loving your style. xo from Canada.

  22. Grrr, I added a comment but it deleted it!

    Anyhoo, love the looks-I know this is for men but I am a freak for layers! This is my favorite time of year because I like finding different ways to pile it all on.

    There is nothing like aman who knows how to layer and play with patterns, colors, and textures. Yum!