Thursday, 8 September 2011

My September Issue: Inditex Bad Start but with a Suprise!!!!!!

Hello Everyone!
The weekend is nearly here!

So this week Pull&Bear (Inditex) launched the Online site! (FINALY)...

Noy just P&B but also Berska, Zara Home, Massimo Dutti etc.....

But specially P&B was giving away 1500 Lomography cameras fot the first 1500 online buyers! 
I so wanted one of those! So at 00:00H I went to have a look at their site to buy something, to see if i could get a Camera!!!

Well, their site wasnt ready!!! they have big problems with the site, and aslo everyone over 5countrries try to get into Pull&Bear site! 
I would stop trying till i get my camera! so i try and i try! and Finally i got in i choose a Scarve and when i went to pay it faild!!! so i tried again! and this time it did work a bit slow but i did! at 02:15am!!!!

So i got My Lomography!!! after waiting so much and stressing out!
So i big WElcome to Pull&Bear, the next day my stuff arrive! They had a bad technical problem but the delivery is FAST!!

So Because of the  technical difficulties we suffered the First
 night, we would like to compensate you and therefore will be
 giving away next week an additional 1500 Lomography cameras (same terms and conditions apply). We will announce the final 
date throughout this week. Thanks.

Good Luck to you all!!!

From now i will shop only Online!
by the way, Will you keep buying online? or will you still go to the shops?

Big hugs to you all!!!!

Mr Kane


  1. I think is great for those who dont have a local p&b or zara store on their city!! even though they're EVERYWHERE!

  2. That´s so cool! I´m glad you made it after all!
    I love photography as well... is one of my passions!
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    Provocações da Beta

  3. You are so patient! I will have to check out the site! Have fun with the camera!

  4. Thanx for viewing my blog. :)

    Nice blog you got

  5. OMG, great gift! I love photography :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! You have a really cool blog and I LOVE the font!!