Sunday, 18 September 2011

I am Back..... (Part.1)

Hey Everyone!
How you all doing?

So finally I am back from my holiday! So many has going on.
Here i will show you one of my Photoshoots! Love Love the Tshirt i got, Aztec prints!

What do you think of my casual look?

My best friend from School (class 97) came to visit me so we had so much fun and loads to catch on (GOSSIP) lol
 //  Hat: Zara // Tshirt; Topman //  Trouser: Pull&Bear  //  Shoes: Topman  //

Thanks to everyone!
Keep Visiting!


  1. Thanks for following ! great blog too and following back!

  2. Lovely pictures. And you look cool dude in this casual wear.

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  3. Oh! My really God! No way! As I was looking at the pictures I thought: This place sounds like something ... it seems the town of my uncles ... and when I read Navalmoral ... hahahaha! My uncles are from very near town! Jaraiz de la Vera! And some summer I went there! It is a really beautiful place!

    How was it you were there?


    Adrien Loren

  4. @M.E Thanks for the comment and the follow back!

    @rdwyerx7 Thanks!!!

    @Adrien Loren well this Pictures were taking in Santa Maria near Jaraiz de la Vera!!! is a beautifull place!!!

  5. I like your casual look.

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  6. There you are! This is totally cute - I love the hat! Makes your outfit just that more stylin ;)

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