Thursday, 11 August 2011

Preppy meets Country (Chambray)

Hey Peeps!
Few weeks ago i talked about the Prep Trend, now I am gonna show my Prep look with a bit of Country...

 Just about any preppy ensemble and you'll find that each piece is a classic; the pressed khaki pants, colorful polo shirts, crisp blazers and neat cardigans all define smart, clean clothing.
These are items that, no doubt, many men own and don't think twice about. Consider, then, that preppy dressing is more about how you wear the pieces than anything else. Worn untucked over a pair of jeans, that polo shirt is hardly representative of the traditional preppy look. Tucked into a pair of khaki shorts and with a sweater tied around its arms, though, it graduates to the culturally refined image that preppy style knows so well.

Preppy looks are unique in that they have a tendency to turn heads, but they aren't inherently eye-catching. There's nothing quite stunning about it, yet it looks so fresh and polished that one can't help but notice. Looking the part means adopting a few staple pieces that help define what it truly means to be preppy.

And Thanks to country clothing styles, anyone with a vivid imagination can add a little Wild West to their weekend. Greenhorns are encouraged to put together an ensemble of country clothing styles, guaranteed to imbue a sense of adventure. Newcomers to country clothing styles have few cautions regarding the purchase of such duds. Nevertheless, a couple basic style guidelines can be applied for best results.

• Check yourself in a mirror to ensure a pleasing rear view
• Tuck in your western shirt and display a nice belt
• Forget about ironing a crease into the legs of blue jeans
• Slim fitting jeans look good with all cowboy boots
• Never wear a red shirt on a ranch where bulls are raised

That´s all for tonight!
hope you like it!

Model: Me (lol)
Shirt: Zara
Belt: H&M
Shorts: Pull&bear
Hat: Old
Sandals: Inside


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