Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Chambray shirt. Yes, it's still mandatory to have a chambray shirt, if you already have one, get another– one for casual occasions and one to dress up. (or maybe one with no pockets and one with two, or maybe one that's tailored fit and one that's loose… you get what I'm saying). 

Boat shoes. Because you will go sockless, and it's the easiest gentleman shoe to wear sockless with many different types of look and still have that classic Americana edge.

Backpack/Rucksack. No, you aren't Diego or Dora, but a backpack is damn near essential these days. Sometimes life is an adventure and its just cooler for onlookers to see you getting your essentials (laptop, notebook,  etc) out of a unique, classic, or vintage rucksack than a man-bag that looks like a purse… I'm just saying.

Bomber jacket. Countless celebrities are wearing them, numerous designers have atleast one in their collection, so it's pretty official that the bomber jackets is thestaple style jacket for 2011.

Espadrilles. Whether you choose to go for Toms or another espadrille brand shoe, 'round here we're just about throwing these on instead of the Vans (or plimsols in general) when running quick errands.

Summer sweater. Does it sound oxymoronic? Yea, probably so, but there's just something sorta sexy and very comforting about a well-knitted summer sweater… so get one.

Selvedge denim. Summer really is a great time to break in denim, since you're probably traveling and changing environments more than usual. All of that can give your raw denim the stresses, markings, and overall "good" wear 'n' tear that colder months usually don't offer.

Brazilian-made Huarache loafers (sandals). We've had the big discussion on whether or not men can wear sandals, but whichever side of the argument you fall on you should have a pair of huaraches– they're probably the most gentlemanly it gets when it comes to men wearing summer shoes that expose a little skin. Now of course they don't have to be Brazilian made, I've seen Italian and even vintage hand-made Mexican huaraches that are just as detailed, but I've just more commonly seen the Brazilian ones in the style I fancy.

Braided belt. Nearly all Shops has sported since last spring have been braided- some simple and others are more intricately woven. This year we want you to get on board, so all gentlemen must own atleast one braided belt to compliment his spring summer wardrobe. (I got mine lool

Bucks. The spring and summers dress-up shoe of choice, be sure to have a staple pair of bucks. If you fancy tradition then having a white pair is a darn must, but if you need a pair that can coordinate with more ensembles a copper-brown, burnt red, or a sandy beige pair will work just fine.

 All the Essentials for this fall!
Hope you Like it!

Have a Great Week!

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