Monday, 15 August 2011

A Mr Kane’s Grooming Routine:

It´s well important to keep a good apperance, so i will show you a Routine i made, so that way it easir to keep track of our Gooming. 
And it isn´t a girl thing! Everyman need to make sure he takes care o bit more of his Gooming! (Metrosexual)

I will break down the most important part: HAIRNAILSSKINTEETHMANSCAPING (the Face (head, mustache, beard, nose hair) and Body (chest, armpits, groin, leg/arms, back, and rear) as well as options on whether to wax, trim, or shave.) and HANDS & FEET.

Here is my Grooming Routine:
Brush teeth, floss, rinse with mouthwash
Wash & Moisturize Body
*Wash & Condition Hair
(if you have straight/wavy/loosely curly hair)Wash & Moisturize Face*Lightly moisturize hair(men of color/black men)Brush/Comb/Style Hair (including facial hair)2-3 dabs of cologne

Moisturize feet

Brush any dirt from underneath nails

 (men of color/black men):Shampoo/Condition HairHair cut or shape-up
Cut nails
Manscape (trim excessive body hair if desired)
Exfoliate face and body

Notes: Men with straight/wavy/loose curly hair should wash hair daily or every other day. Hair cuts every 3-6 weeks.

The Grooming Routine is all about discipline and efficiency. Having a set routine saves you time and sharpens your organization skills.

Model: Pedro Andrade
Photos by Lucia Silva 

Hope you like!
Feel free to coment or give me suggestions!!!
Have a Great week! and remember is to keep up the Grooming Routine!

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