Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Girls: Look a Like!!!

Hey Girls!

 How you all doing? First of all I am a big fan of Kim Kardashian (The Kardashian Family) and i saw in her page, That she was doing a Photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar Arabia Magazine it was her first Middle Eastern magazine cover, shoot in Malibu!

 But i am not here talking about her shoot, but yes abiut the Dress! its a beautifull Docel & Gabbana Dress. Without a doubt is a fantastic dress! 
Not Just that but i found a nearly look a like dress as her Photoshoot for under 15€!

Is not a Dolce & Gabbana but is a Inside Dress! And aint Yellow either lol its Pink (Pop Pink)

 They do Look a like! Problem is the Inside dress is Pink and its not all  Stars Print! but still Looks a like and for a great Price!

What do you think? Will you buy it? 

Hope you al like it!
Fell free to coment and let me know what do you think!Thanks for your time!

Pink Dress:
Dress: Inside-shop
Bag: Inside-shop
Sandals: Inside-Shop

Yellow dress:

Dress: D&G
Bag: D&G

Thank you all!
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  1. ohhhhhhhhhhh love it! If I was taller, sure i´d buy it :(.
    great post!

    alicia from