Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Inspired by Street Style

Hello Peeps!
I know I have been away lately, but I have been so bussy with work and don´t even have time for myself! Hopefully this week I will give it 90% of my time to the Blog!

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Alright, so yesterday I found myself flipping through a couple of magazines, you know just checking up, peeping the styles, etc etc. And, well, after awhile I found myself totally uninspired. And the more I thought about it, the more it annoyed. So I decided that we were past due for a nice, Mr Kane  street style. I had a folder of looks I had been collecting from  sites around the net, buuuut somehow I can't find it… So I spent a little time collecting new ones (hopefully I'll find the other photos soon). Check it out:


There are lots of different looks in men's fashion and style these days, and in the streets, men's styles and trends continue to stay steady for the moment (which should make retailers happy). Denim on denim, cuffed pants, rugged boots and workwear inspiration , harem pants, and a nice mix of fit– from super skinny to double pleated and wide leg. Hard-bottoms galore, barely a sneaker in sight, navys, blacks, tans, and prep with splashes of color here and there. The differences I find that subtly or grossly stand out are the collars– on shirts and jackets. And not just how the collars are designed, but how they are worn. That's something to be cognizant of– do you button up your shirt all the way, or do you leave a button or two open. Do you fully zip your cowl-neck jacket or let it hang open? Do you pull the strings attached to your coat to create that crinkled look on the hood or neck, or do you leave it straight and perfectly neat? These small things can make a big difference.
Hope these photos provide a source of inspiration, and feel free to email us your personal street style photos:
Photos: The Sartorialist, Black Fashion, Tommy Tom (for GQ), Street Peeper, Dam Style, Le Look, Stylelites, PimPumPam, Hel-Looks and Google.
Hope You Like it!
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  1. thanks for your comment in my blog!!!

    I like most of this outfits, but I love the green trousers!!

    Hope you visit my blog!!!


  2. Lovely post! All of these outfits are simple but still nice looking!

    You've got a sweet blog, I'm happy to have found it!


  3. Hay looks realmente alucinantes...tomo nota.
    La guerra de los botones... Según Tom Ford, todo hombre debería llevar los dos botones de arriba de la camisa desabrochados para enseñar el pecho puesto que, ségún él, es la zona más sexy del hombre. Y luego tendríamos a la Reina del Upper East Side NYC, Carolina Herrera, que le horroriza tal hecho, ya que es una de las primeras partes que envejece del hombre (la papada y cuello).

    Yo soy partidario de sólo desabrochar un botón.

    Un saludo,

    Thanks for your comment.

  4. Selecção de fotos perfeita!!! Adorei a maioria delas =D

    Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

  5. Estoy con Valter, muy buena selección! Un puntazo el señor trajeado y sin calcetines, me ha costado digerir el look.

  6. great post! it's true that sometimes the magazines are not full of outfit ideas as we hope they are.. great post, though! thanks also for your lovely comment in my blog!! :)

  7. Loving these! I wish men near here took the time to dress well, ha ha. It makes me sad

  8. Great selection :)

  9. I love all of your choices,wonderful! and I also voted for yo in the blogger competition- Good Luck!!!

  10. I love the boys style! Thanks for comment my blog! Kisses!

  11. Great inspiration!I love those street styles.Kisses.

  12. Hi dear
    Thanks for your comment
    Love this inspiring photos

    Kiss kiss.*Jo