Thursday, 6 September 2012

"Game Over" Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

So, it's over for now... I may say that some were amazing and some didn´t impress me that much, I think here in Spain there is a big step to take still in the Fashion world, We can never compare it with NY, London or Milan Fashion week. But you never know.
This year the New designers ( EGO Designers ) have done an Amazing job, They have been the stars of  MBFWM this time.

Here are a recap of the shows I was invited (but for work reasons I could go)

 I may sai that I Fell in Love with EtxeberriaArnau P. BoschEl Colmillo de Morsa,  Jose Matteos and AS by Ana Sánchez Collection for me they were Amazing, I also liked RUIZGALÁN The recycle Collectio and All in white from Victor Von Schwarz, and the Romantic Collection of Isabel Ruiz

AGATHÁ RUIZ DE LA PRADA and Maria Ke Fisherman didn't impress me!

Which collection did you like? What do you think of the New Designers? And what collection you hated?

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Thank you and Good Night!

P.S. who ever is going to VFNO have fun! I wont be making it this year!


  1. Fue bello lo que vi en el runway !
    Un beso
    Lindo blog : )

  2. Muchas gracias por visitar y seguir mi blog. Yo tb te sigo. Besos.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I also love most of the Ego designers. Love from Ely. Hope you can visit my world:

    1. Thank you for you comment!
      I will visit your blog!