Monday, 13 August 2012

Lady Gaga for the September Issue....

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So to start the week I wanted to talk about the September Issue from Vogue. Its her second cover on the Vogue. But this issue of  Vogue US’  is the special anniversary issue. I may say that the blond wig she's wearing  kind of reminded me of muff handwarmer – sorry but it does.

Photographe by Mert & Marcus and styled by Grace Coddington (I Love Grace) I am excited to see the accompanying editorial. The cover itself is going to take a little getting used to – I love the incredible Marc Jacobs gown – the silhouette and colour is insane, and I also love that they haven’t gone too crazy with the text and the shoots (glad for that). I just think her hair is going to make this cover a little bit like Marmite - you will either love or hate it.

Check out some of the pictures I got and the Behind-The-Scenes Video from Vogue.

What do you think of Lagy Gaga’s September issue – do you love or hate it?
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