Monday, 27 February 2012

El Colmillo de Morsa Collection (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid)

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How was the weekend? Hope you had a good one!
So today I will be talking about the Fab Collection I went to see at Madrid Fashion Week. Is from El Colmillo de Morsa, all I could say about the collection is that Fresh and Natural... Loved the Colors,textures  and prints they used in this Collection!
And also the shoes that they are wearing are to die for, love it. they are from DeuxSouliers. for they site:  Click Here.

The Collaction is called: "Caminos de Nopal" thats inspired them for this Amazing collection, it all comes from Nature, the colors arise from the view around us, sand, gray, stone, sky... Give away to note of color that come from the sparse vegetation of the area. The dirty green and aged cactus, red splashes some withered flower that stands out from the weed, mustard and blackfrom the mud. Just Perfect! All Inspired from a non-existent place called "Caminos de Nopal" 

The Material used was mostly silks, fur and what draws our attention  is that all objects and accessories from the collection, such as textiles, shoes, buttons, accessories and necklaces is taht has been done in Spain "Made is Spain" The necklaces have been handmade with seashells. 
A BIG Congrats to them for the Amazing Collection! and Loads of Success in the Future!

The Dual: "El Colmillo de Morsa"
Elisabet Vallecillo & Jordi Espino

SO what did you thinks? Any items that you like?

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Preview of the Collection:

The Interview:

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  1. AW12/13 is full of colours! Which is always a good thing. The orange leather and hairbands sticks out, very cool.

  2. Cool blog!

    I'm waiting for you on mine!



  3. LOOK AT YOU! you have been a posting maniac! keep it up.

    1. Thanks!
      I have to do the most I can, when i can!