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Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Yee ha! Giddyup for the ride of the season, as Apache patterns and ponchos, fringing, denim and sheriff neckties all come galloping into town

So i wanted to do a photoshoot showing what coming up for the fall (AW11)
so the Aztec prints, Boots and ponchos are coming back for this Fall! i think is great love the LOOK! Dont you?

The wild west is here! 

On this looks we also have put together strips! thay look good! all you have to do is well match them! and make it look Cowboyish!!! if you know what i nean!!!

The key Pieces:

Ponchos and Capes,Denin skirt and fringed Boots!

so make sure you get those ponchos out!!

A big thanks for the girls for they  gret work!!!! and pictures!  (Clara, Livia and Adriana)

Hope you all like it! let me know what do you think?

Have a great week!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Barefoot Gipsy...

Hello Everyone!
Good Night (morning) ;-D

 So after a day at the country i decided to do a Photoshoot!
It was a sunny day, so it was a perfect day to have a bit of fun Candela (Mare)

Adriana looking fantastic!

 Love the above Pictures!

And after all is not just Adriana with Candela having a bit of Fun on the PhotoShoot but also Pablo wanted to be on the Shoot! jejeje

We wear whatever we like to wear, we make our fashion, like i said before Fashion is on our day to day life, we need to think what to wear! Right?

But it doesn’t mean that we will not wear based on the latest fashion trends….We want to be fashion, we want to feel our style and let people enjoy our unique style….

Thats my point of view people!

 I also wanted to Welcome all my new followers and thanks for the comments and viewing my Blog!

First of all Big thanks to Adriana and Pablo and aslo to Candela (the mare) and Claire (the Teckel) :-D
Hope you like it?
Let me know what do you think of the Pictures!?
For any Details of the outfits just ask!

Have a great Weekend!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Little Pretty Vintage!

Hello Everyone!
So the Weekend is coming! (can´t wait for it)
Well, i was with te familly at Country house! And over ther we got loads of Farm Animals, so we decided to do something for them for my Blog! 
 Here nothing is trenddy but it has a bit of Class! I will say a Bit Vintage! We found this Beautifull Battenburg White Lace Parasol Umbrella! and we took the Animals out! hope you like it!

Loving those Guess Shoes! Aint you?...

A Perfect sunday Afternoon! 

our Beautifull Teckel dog!

No Amimals we harmed on the making of the Photoshoot!

Top: Stradivarius
Skirt: Pull&Bear
Hat: Stetson by Albiñana de Oviedo
Scarf: Pull&Bear
Shoes: Guess
Leash: Harrods

Thank you so much!

Hope you like it!
Big thanks to the Bunnies: Chlorine (white) Bambino (black) and Claire (the Teckel)

P.S. soon behind the scene post!